Wet weather Driving Tips

By Michael
Wet Weather Driving Tips


Wet Weather Driving

Driving in the rain can be Hazardous and requires some important behaviors to keep you and other drivers safe.

First make sure your vehicle:

  •  Has good Tyre tread. (minimum Tyre tread requirements for NSW is 1.6mm but Tyre Power recommends getting your Tyres changed at 3mm)
  • All the vehicles lights and the windscreen wipers are working. (Make sure windscreen wiper blades are not damaged & sit flush against the windscreen to avoid streaks)
  • Your windscreen and lights are clean.

Here are a few tips to remember when driving in wet weather:

  • Drive slower - to avoid aquaplaning & skidding.
  • Drive with your lights on Low Beam (it is easier to see)
  • Use your air conditioner or demister to keep the windscreen clear of condensation.
  • Double the distance between you and the car in front.
  • Avoid braking suddenly or accelerating or turning quickly - to reduce your chance of skidding.
  • Do not drive on unsealed roads.
  • Use the line markings to stay in the middle of your lane. In wet weather it is more important than ever to stay in the correct position on the road.
  • Do not drive on roads covered in water (even partially covered)
  • Watch out for landslides- Heavy rain can cause layers of rock & soil to move.

Overall Drive slower, maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, avoid braking suddenly or making quick sharp turns and Never drive through flood waters.



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