Testimonials - Michael Treneman

5 Stars


Michael is an extremely professional and dedicated driving instructor, who ensures that all of his students make the most out of each driving lesson. Michael was able to easily identify my driving strengths and weaknesses, and consequently transform me into a skillful and confident driver. With Michael’s help, I can happily say I passed my driving test with ease and confidence.

5 Stars

Holly Milroy

I think your a pretty fantastic instructor!
You were comfortable to talk to in the car. You didn't get frustrated at my slow learning and lack of confidence.
You were also REALLY reassuring the day of my test and I was sooo nervous.
If I lose my license again (which I really hope I dont) I would definitely come back to you for lessons.
So thanks again for your effort!

5 Stars

Jai Gow

good at teaching especially paralell parks

5 Stars

Gabrielle Jago

I had an absolutely wonderful instructor Michael Treneman. He was always calm and patient, notifying me when something was done incorrectly, and things that I could improve on. He was very clear on directions and instructions. He talked me through the P’s test and was clear about what I would be doing.

5 Stars

Julie Banaag

First, I’d like to thank Michael. Won’t be able to do it without his help. Definitely the best driving instructor. Very professional and patient. Absolutely knows what he is doing. Calm and no pressure at all.

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