Is it best to learn in an Automatic or Manual Vehicle?

There are definitely more skills required for manual driving, but everybody’s needs are different and depends on your situation.

 Automatic driving is easier to learn than manual and not every person has a manual vehicle to readily use and quite often you can only drive what is available at home (family car) but if you are learning on a automatic vehicle or already have your licence on a automatic and want to change to manual the transition is much easier with some professional lessons.

Are your vehicles fitted with dual controls?

Yes, all of our vehicles are late model cars and are fitted with dual controls, our instructors are trained to react and take control in any emergency situation maintaining a safe environment while learning to drive.

Are your vehicles insured while I’m driving?

Yes, all of our vehicles are fully insured. It is imperative that the driving school that you choose is covered for all lessons and driving tests.

Should all driving instructors be certified?

Absolutely, it is important that you check your Instructors credentials. All instructors must have a current driver’s licence and driving instructor’s licence which should be displayed in the vehicle and look at the expiry date on these licences. Not all instructors can teach manual this would be shown on the instructors licence.

 At Keen To Drive all of our instructors have passed police and Working With Children checks and have current certificates.

When should I get driving lessons?

As soon as you get your learner licence you should contact Keen To Drive. Getting professional advice and direction is more effective at the early stages of your driving and then you can discuss with the instructor about having further lesson as you progress, remember practise between lessons is very important as this will help you progress and build confidence.

 Please enquire at the office for their professional advice.

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