What's happening at Keen to Drive in Lockdown

Written by Michael Treneman

Keen to Drive Is Open!

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns, in accordance with the current Public Health Orders, Keen to Drive and its Accredited Driving Instructors can continue Operation under the provision of Education that can not be delivered in any other way.

So, that does not mean you have to stop your driving lessons.  

Keen to Drive wants all our clients to know we are here for you.

Driving lessons are a great way to break up the boredom and add some hours in your logbook and build your knowledge and experience.

Keen to Drive have a fleet of both Automatic and Manual Cars that are fitted with Dual control pedals for your safety and peace of mind.

As some of you may know due to the Covid-19 restrictions and lockdown Service N.S.W RMS have postponed all testing until further notice but that does not mean you should stop your driving lessons.

Yes, you may have all the hours logged that you require to go for your P’s test but every time you sit behind the wheel of a car you are learning valuable knowledge that will continue all through your driving days. Our team of Instructors are always willing to help you refine your driving skills and help you be prepared for your P’s Test date.

 Keen to Drive are Always happy to take on new students.

*Night driving lessons available on request by calling 0422388574.

If you are wanting to continue with your lessons and brush up on your driving skills, you can make a booking on our easy-to-use online Booking system at:

Email: info@keentodrive.com.au

or call us on:




Michael Treneman

*Night driving lessons are limited

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