Michael's tip for anybody about to do the P's driving test Calming the nerves

Written by Michael Treneman

Take a deep breath, talk to the testing officer or whatever works for you and remember to take your time. Try treating the test like any other driving lesson and not think of it as a test.

Nerves affect everyone differently; we are all human including testing officers. Testing officers are not there to put you under any more pressure than you already feel. Remember the old saying "You cannot change the past" therefore if you make a mistake don't dwell on it. We know it's easier said than done, but some learners make additional mistakes because they are worrying about a minor error they made, instead of concentrating on the remainder of the test. Students who pass are confident and relaxed – or at least they appear to be confident and relaxed! If you obey the road rules and drive safely often everything else will fall into place.

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